Research Question

My doctoral research questions are as follows. The research design is qualitative, using detailed interviews to uncover attitudes of individual entrepreneurs.

  1. How do attitudes to setback and failure among habitual entrepreneurs in early stage technology companies differ between three technology-rich regions: Cambridge, UK; Munich, Germany; and Silicon Valley, California USA?
  2. What does this reveal about entrepreneurial learning and opportunity identification in these regions?

A graphical examination of this is shown below.

  1. Dear Keith, sounds very interesting. Would you be able to recommend up-to-date statistics on failure rates of entrepreneurial ventures in the UK? Data is very scarce, especially on UK and of more recent times. Many thanks. Nino

  2. Hi Keith. I am currently doing an MBA and have just begun the process of researching failed entrepreneurs. I’ve started a blog to journal the progress at

    I am interested to know how your research is coming along?

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