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Radio 4: The Value of Failure

I collaborated on one of these five pieces for BBC Radio 4 on The Value of Failure.BBC

Doctoral thesis published

I graduated from Cambridge University with my PhD in April 2013.Keith Cotterill PhD Thesis

My thesis can be downloaded here. Enjoy !

Design Conference Paper published (CADMC, September 2011)

I presented the following paper at the Cambridge Academic Design Management Conference (September 2011), co-written with my collaborator, JP (Joao Fonseca da Silva).



Submission of PhD Thesis

After three years, I submitted my thesis to the University of Cambridge for examination.

Title: “How do attitudes of habitual high-technology entrepreneurs to early-stage failure differ in Silicon Valley, Cambridge and Munich?”


First Day of term

Freshers’ photograph today, and my first day for buns at the department.

Moving to academia

I’ve been working continuously in finance, consultancy and technology since I left university in 1984 and have spent the past decade in a series of technology startups – some successful, some less so.

Later this year I embark on a PhD program at the University of Cambridge and plan to record my thoughts and research activities on this blog.