Visualization of Qualitative Data (Capture)

Conducting qualitative research involves specific forms of data capture. How visual techniques can be used in such activities is not widely appreciated. Visual outputs and analysis are well covered in the literature, but visual methods in data capture are much less represented.

Several sources here are on my list for review in the next few weeks (including the Tufte books) as I put my plans together for interviews later in 2010.

  1. MEYER, A. D. 1991. Visual Data in Organizational Research. Organization Science, 2, 218-236.
  2. SLONE, D. J. 2009. Visualizing Qualitative Information. The Qualitative Report, 14, 489 – 497.
  3. TUFTE, E. 1983. The visual display of quantitative data, Cheshire, CT, Graphics Press.

[Thanks to Jonathan Johnson for the Slone reference].


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    After 25 years in finance and technology, I have returned to university to read for a doctorate at Cambridge. I am an active technology entrepreneur and investor as well as a researcher and divide my time between the UK and Silicon Valley.

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